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Welcome To Health And Home Fitness!

Welcome! I had originally created this site several years ago under a different host. The site looked dated and I felt I didn’t have complete control over it’s look and feel and future enhancements of the site.

I am re-launching the site with a new host and using WordPress. It will allow me to show the site in a modern style and make it easier for readers to read and navigate the content.

I’ve kept most of the original content and plan on re-publishing it as blog posts. I’m not sure on what my posting schedule will be as I want to make sure I find relevant images and that will take time. My original site really lacked photos and that will change this time.

Of course, after I get my original content posted, I won’t stop there. I plan to continue where I left off and add more great posts on health and fitness. I’m especially going to focus on the mind as well (stress management, meditation), and energy healing, to cover more areas of our health and well-being.

I have learned and practiced a lot on mental exercises such as mindfulness and meditation. I believe a person’s overall well-being wouldn’t be complete without healthy mind, so stay tuned for posts on this subject. And of course, I will tune it to your feedback.

Another big change will be adding a newsletter so I can keep everyone up to date with what’s going on with the blog. I also want to use it allow people to provide feedback on things they want to see on the site. I know I had many readers over the years and the only way they could reach out to me was through the contact form. I received many great questions and feedback and I want to continue that process.

I’ll talk with you again soon.